Clear Message Sent in Bali: We are at War

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Oct 14, 2002

Clear Message Sent in Bali: We are at War

If anyone still thinks that terrorism is not a worldwide threat, the car bomb that killed at least 187 people Saturday night-- and injured several hundred more-- on the resort island of Bali ought to dispel any such notions.

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country and is thought to be a hotbed of al Qaeda training and philosophy about a world dominated by Islamists.

The liberal left in this country-- and secularists around the world-- have been making excuses for acts like this, but it is long past time for their arguments to be set aside and for the rest of the world to do what is necessary to preserve our lives and way of life.

We must understand that we are at war. It isn’t a war with front lines and soldiers, though it will ultimately involve some of that. For now, it is a religious, ideological and cultural war and it is far more dangerous than communism ever was. It will not be converted, so it must be stopped.

The first step toward winning a war is to know your enemy and to understand why you are fighting. The next step is to be committed to winning, whatever it takes and whatever the cost.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Clear Message Sent in Bali: We are at War