Cleaning Up The Outlaws

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, July 15, 2005

Cleaning Up The Outlaws

July 15, 2005

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is convening a meeting between his top ministers, conservative party and Muslim leaders, including four Muslim members of parliament.

The meeting, scheduled for next Tuesday, is to devise a plan to prosecute extremist clerics who preach and teach hatred and violence.

The gathering will consider, among other things, whether seditionists might be deported.

My view is that if the West is serious about this it must first give the Muslim community an ultimatum: either you clean up the outlaws among you, or we will.

If we wait for more thousands or millions of us to be killed and our economies and way of life to be disrupted before acting, we will have helped bring death upon ourselves.

If the so-called peaceful religionists won't root out and deal with the violent ones among them, we will have to conclude they are all in this together, regardless of the face they present to the world.

This will then require the closing of their mosques and schools and the massive deportation of many, if not most of them.

If anyone has a better solution that will save us from mass death, I'm open to hearing it.

In Northern Ireland, I'm Cal Thomas.

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Cleaning Up The Outlaws