Christians Should Know How Their Faith Differs from Islam

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Christians Should Know How Their Faith Differs from Islam

A large mosque in the San Francisco Bay area held an open house over the weekend. After the event, one woman was interviewed and said, "They are just like Christians." What ignorance! The Islamic propaganda is most effective on the ignorant.

Islam does not believe in the trinity. It rejects the divinity of Christ. It says Jesus was just a prophet, but that Mohammed was the last and greatest prophet. It rejects free will when it is in control of the political apparatus of a state. Many Islamic states forbid conversion or witnessing by any other faith. Churches are either persecuted, or closed, or not allowed to open.

Last weekend, a group of Christians in Islamabad, Pakistan, were brutally murdered while they met for worship. A fax to local newspapers said the murders were in "retaliation for attacks against the Muslims and mosques in the united states, Britain and Europe."

Just like us, huh? No Islamic state has denounced the killings. We'd better be prepared and respond to what's coming next.