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Cheap Regard for Human Life Led to Case of Coerced Abortion

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, August 31, 2001

Cheap Regard for Human Life Led to Case of Coerced Abortion

A Washington, D.C. medical worker aborted her child because she says she was afraid of losing her job. She says she and other rookies in the Fire Department's Emergency Medical Service were told by a top official they could not become pregnant during their first year on the job. A union official who represents the workers said the woman was told to get an abortion, which she did, even though she is said to be Roman Catholic.

Coerced abortions are supposedly illegal, but why should they be if the pre-born child is not human? It's all about the intent of the woman, of course, never the humanity of the baby. If she thinks it's human, it is. If not, then it isn't.

But the real issue here is where our cheap regard for human life has led us. A government official allegedly thinks she can order an employee to have an abortion and a young woman, said to be distraught and suffering physical consequences from the procedure, has one just to keep her job. When the history of abortion is written, there will be worse stories than this one, but this one is bad enough.