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Catholic Church Stonewall on Sexual Abuse

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Dec 04, 2002

Catholic Church Stonewall on Sexual Abuse

Hundreds of pages of just released documents show that officials of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Boston allowed priests who had been accused of abuse to remain in ministry.

The paper also indicates a pattern of accused priests failing to receive residential psychiatric treatment before moving to new parishes.

The documents became public because of a lawsuit involving one priest who is accused of molesting several boys.

The documents show one priest from Youngstown, Ohio, was placed in a Boston parish just after being treated for pedophilia -- this, despite warnings by the treatment center and the Youngstown bishop that the priest not be allowed to have contact with children.

Several young men in Boston parishes later said the priest abused them, and he was convicted of sexual abuse in New Hampshire.

The Catholic Church is trying to stonewall on the issue of sexual abuse.

The scriptures say that an overseer should be "above reproach." For a minister to sexually molest anyone, especially children, is beneath contempt.

This ought to be, at the very least, a dismissible offense.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Catholic Church Stonewall on Sexual Abuse