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Campaign Reform? -- Feb. 14, 2002

Campaign Reform? -- Feb. 14, 2002

Today's the day the House is supposed to vote on the Shays-Meehan so-called "campaign finance reform" bill. The New York Times and Washington Post have written more editorials on this than the war. Or so it seems. That's because this is war of a different sort. It's political war and the liberals think it means defeat for Republican conservatives. When people are prohibited from giving money to the candidate or party of their choice, that will leave the major newspapers and TV networks as the lone conveyors of information.

Enron is said to be an example of how corrupt politics has become. Is it the money that corrupts? If so, what about those who are not corrupted, including the ones who took Enron contributions?

I don't believe this legislation will be upheld by the Supreme Court. It would restrict campaign commercials 60 days prior to an election. That would give the big media news outlets more power to portray the candidates any way they wish with no chance for them to respond. It's a terrible bill and it ought to be defeated.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.