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Calling the White House for Bail

Calling the White House for Bail

An uncle of President Obama has been arrested in Massachusetts and charged with drunk driving. Onyango Obama told police he wanted to call the White House for bail. He’s being held at the request of immigration authorities because he is here illegally. For at least 19 years he had a social security number and a valid driver’s license. And he had been ordered deported. How can this happen?

One of Obama’s aunts also had immigration problems. She was found living in a Boston public housing project. A judge ruled she could stay because she might be endangered if she were sent back to Kenya. Someone might kidnap her and hold her for political or monetary ransom because of her nephew.

This is just another example of our broken immigration system, which this president and most congressional Democrats don’t want to fix. Why? Because they think they can import votes for a party and president in trouble.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Publication date: September 1, 2011