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Cal Thomas: Tom Daschle Doesn't Get It

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, September 26, 2002

Cal Thomas: Tom Daschle Doesn't Get It

Senate majority leader Tom Daschle has sharply criticized President Bush for supposedly politicizing war with Iraq. Daschle said that President Bush should follow the example of his father and seek a coalition of Republicans and Democrats as well as other nations. Trouble is, Tom Daschle voted against the 1991 gulf war resolution.

All wars are political. The problem here is that Daschle and the Democrats – with the notable exception of Senator Joe Lieberman, who is supportive – are afraid the war issue is obscuring the issues they think will bring them victory in November.

The fact is the public is largely behind this president and when the war is won, an evil dictator is crushed and the oil fields are seized, the economy will rebound and the victory parades will be held. What will liberal Democrats do then?

The war, if it comes, will not be the end, but a continuation of the war against terrorism. That’s what Daschle and his bunch don’t understand. That’s what President Bush does understand.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.