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Cal Thomas: Taking Terror Seriously

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Cal Thomas: Taking Terror Seriously

Our highest government officials – Republicans and Democrats – have been telling us for months that sleeper terror cells exist in this country. They constantly warn us to be vigilant. So, when a woman says she overhears a conversation in a restaurant by Middle Eastern looking men in which they are allegedly laughing about September 11 and saying that September 13 will be even bigger, she calls authorities. The men are detained in Florida and the car and belongings searched.


Immediately, some sophisticated Muslim PR types show up. The men had no such conversation, they say. But they praise the woman’s patriotism. This is too slick for me. If you are part of a terror network, isn’t it reasonable to assume that these cells members have been trained in what to say and do if they are detected?


They have studied our ways. They know our civil rights hot buttons. The woman says she is not a nut, that she heard what she heard and that she would call the police again. Good for her, but shame on us if we are not taking these things seriously.