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Cal Thomas: Lautenberg's Example of Liberal Pandering

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Cal Thomas: Lautenberg's Example of Liberal Pandering

The first statement out of the mouth of former and maybe future New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg was about abortion rights and the "sanctity of the environment."

Remember when life used to be sacred and trees were a renewable resource?

Such is the pandering that liberal democrats feel they must do to their pro-abortion, gay rights, environmental extremist, high taxes, and big government base. Whatever happened to self-reliance and those other virtues that equipped our parents and grandparents?

Terrorism remains a threat. The possibility of war is very real. And all Frank Lautenberg can talk about is abortion and the "sacredness" of the environment? This is the most cynical type of politics. One can only hope that a large number of swing voters will see it as such and vote accordingly.

Every election is important, but this one could decide things conservatives and Christians care about for many years to come.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.