Cal Thomas: Democrats Have Problems in NJ, and in Polls

Cal Thomas: Democrats Have Problems in NJ, and in Polls

The political season is heating up. One month before a crucial election, Robert Torricelli has announced he won’t seek re-election to a key Democratic senate seat from New Jersey. Democrat lawyers are asking New Jersey courts to ignore the law, which forbids any new candidates this close to an election unless the nominee dies. Apparently, political death doesn’t count.

Primary voters said they wanted Torricelli to continue representing them. His name should be on the ballot.

But Democrats have a bigger problem. Their attempt to undermine President Bush’s defense against terrorism is hurting their numbers in the polls.

Congressmen Jim McDermott and David Bonior have said the president may be lying about the Iraqi threat to improve Republican chances in the November election.

These guys defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings. So, who is more credible regarding Iraq – President Bush or people like McDermott and Bonior, who made their remarks in Baghdad and defended Saddam Hussein?

As we say at Fox News, "we report, you decide."

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.