Cal Thomas: Bill Clinton Has No Shame

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Oct 04, 2002

Cal Thomas: Bill Clinton Has No Shame

Bill Clinton has no shame. But we knew that.

Unlike every other former president in recent years, Clinton has criticized his predecessor, not only on domestic issues, but on foreign policy. At a time of terrorism and a possible war with Iraq, Clinton has been in London, speaking at Tony Blair’s labor party convention and saying what President Bush should do.

Clinton wants to the U.N. to take the lead with Saddam. Like the U.N. has such a great record! More than a dozen U.N. resolutions have been violated and, as President Bush pointed out in his speech to the general assembly two weeks ago, the U.N. has done nothing but damage its own credibility (if the organization had any to begin with).

In recent days we’ve had two democratic congressmen in Baghdad saying the president is using the war for political purposes and now former president Clinton is attacking him from London.

There is an unwritten rule that leaders don’t speak ill of their country on foreign soil. But from his behavior when he held our highest office, it is clear that Bill Clinton has little respect for his country anyway.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Cal Thomas: Bill Clinton Has No Shame