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Bush's Handling of China Is a Refreshing Change

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Bush's Handling of China Is a Refreshing Change

The left is screaming about China and the supposed deteriorating relations with the dictatorship in Beijing. I say it's about time we started treating them as Communists instead of as our buddies and partners.

If you read the rhetoric from their generals and some of the political leadership, it is war mongering in the extreme. The same people who butchered their own citizens in Tianenmen Square and who persecute Christians and all sorts of religions, think they should be treated as leaders of free people.

The Bush administration has been letting the Chinese know that coddling time is over and they are expected to behave themselves. If they don't, we will respond with appropriate actions, not words, that demonstrate our disapproval. This business of thinking we can placate people who hate us and our values has got to stop. I'm pleased to see that the Bush administration is going to limit contacts between our militaries. That was a bad program when it started under the previous administration. It is good that the current one is substantially modifying it.