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British Destruction in Jenin Far Worse than Israel's

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, April 24, 2002

British Destruction in Jenin Far Worse than Israel's

Europe has its knickers in a twist over the way Israel is prosecuting the war against terrorism. But when a European nation - Britain - did far worse 64 years ago, there was no outcry.

According to declassified documents, the British government brought 4.200 kilos of explosives to the town of Jenin on August 25, 1938. The troops demolished the homes of Arab civilians, shot handcuffed prisoners, and forced local Arabs to test areas where mines may have been planted.

The New York Times reported, "When the troops left, there was little else remaining of the once-busy village except a pile of mangled masonry."

That's a big difference from the methodical way Israeli forces rooted-out terrorists in Jenin in recent days. This time, Arab and Palestinian civilians hid the terrorists among themselves, thus increasing civilian casualties. That is a favorite tactic of Israel's enemies.

Don't believe all you see on TV or read in the papers, especially when it's about Jenin. And don't forget what the British did without a peep of protest from Europe. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.