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Breathing Easier, For Now...

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jun 16, 2004

Breathing Easier, For Now...

We can all breath easier, until the next time. "Under God" remains in the pledge of allegiance for now.

But here's a serious question. What difference does it make? Does a Supreme Court decision that an atheist does not have standing to sue in court change anything about whether America is, in fact, under God?

Consider what this phrase means to Chief Justice Rehnquist. In rejecting the appeal, Justice Rehnquist called the pledge a "patriotic exercise, not a religious one." He added, "participants promise fidelity to our flag and our nation, not to any particular God, faith or church."

Is this the sort of pledge Christians wish to make, putting nation above God and lowering his status to a patriotic, church of your choice, God of your choosing slogan?

I'm all for free expression, including free religious expression. But I want it to be on my terms, not the government's.

My God says the day is coming when the government will be on the shoulders of Jesus Christ, God's son, and not the United States Supreme Court.

Traveling in Dublin, Ireland, I'm Cal Thomas.

Breathing Easier, For Now...