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Both Sides of the Story

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, March 10, 2006

Both Sides of the Story

March 10, 2006

It was an interesting juxtaposition of stories in Wednesday’s USA Today. One was about Dana Reeve, widow of the late actor Christopher Reeve. She died of lung cancer, leaving their 13-year-old son an orphan. The paper said it was unclear who would care for him. There were comments about how shocked people were that Dana Reeve had died so suddenly from lung cancer, because she did not smoke.

There were comments about life’s unpredictability. I searched in vain for any indication in numerous interviews with her, or in comments from anyone, about eternity and preparations for it.

The other story was about Franklin Graham, Billy’s son, and how he does not back down from preaching the gospel. What a contrast. How refreshing. On one page there was despair, uncertainty and little hope. On the other was assurance, love, forgiveness in Christ and the promise of a home in heaven. I’m glad USA Today ran both stories.

Speaking of that newspaper, you’ll want to read Bob Beckel’s and my “common ground’ feature at the end of the a-section. Today’s subject is adoption by homosexual couples. Better write the paper.

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Both Sides of the Story