Big Brother is Watching

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Aug 26, 2003

Big Brother is Watching

When you think of "big brother" you might remember the English writer who coined the term, George Orwell. You might recall his classic novel, "1984" in which "big brother" was everywhere, monitoring our every move and thought.

Now, British authorities may be making "big brother" into something real. It's called "EVI" for Electronic Vehicle Identification.

If approved, the British government could track cars by satellite. Without a police officer stopping them, drivers could be fined for speeding, following too close, or expired insurance or licenses.

As with so many other intrusions into our private lives, the government is selling this as a good thing. Catching more people without insurance would lower the cost of insurance for all. Crime could be fought. Streets would be safer because people would not exceed the speed limit.

This is a terrible idea, but in too many cases, today's terrible ideas become tomorrow's laws.

Big brother is watching.

I'm Cal Thomas.

Big Brother is Watching