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Beware: Statements by Muslims May Aim to Weaken Our Resolve

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, September 17, 2001

Beware: Statements by Muslims May Aim to Weaken Our Resolve

While it is important not to condemn all Muslims because of last Tuesday's terrorist attack, it is also crucial to understand the mindset and intentions of those who hate us.

Did you know that Arab groups have provided "talking points" to their people who appear on American television? I have a copy, written by a man who heads something called the Al-awda Media Committee. Point one: say "This is an awful catastrophe"; two: "Our first thoughts must be with the victims"; three: "We condemn acts of terror in the strongest possible ways"; four: "It is important not to jump to conclusions about who or how this was caused and to wait for the situation to be clear."

America's enemies know us better than we know them. They take their faith in a false god more seriously than we take our faith in the true one. Be careful with what you see and hear. Chances are, a lot of these people on TV are trying to undermine our resolve and commitment to ending this terrorist assault against us.

Peter Jennings on ABC asked a Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University if we are ignorant and have not taken the time to understand Islam. What a joke! He'd never say that of Christians, and Muslim nations are the least tolerant of all to Christians. Watch what you see and filter it carefully.