As Long As Terrorists Roam, We Will Not Be Safe

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, October 5, 2001

As Long As Terrorists Roam, We Will Not Be Safe

The Associated Press has obtained an 11-volume "Manual of Afghan Jihad" from a former Afghan guerilla. It makes for chilling reading. The manual contains what it calls "basic rules of sabotage and destruction." Poison gas. Explosives. Hand-to-hand combat. Knives. And, of course, religious exhortations.

Reading this stuff ought to convince everyone but the most radical humanist that evil exists and if it isn't opposed, will swallow us up.

In a chapter on basic sabotage and destruction, would-be assassins are offered various options, including "poison-making, poisonous gases and poisonous drugs." They are instructed on specific plant life that can be used to make poison gas, how to make the gas and what quantity is needed to kill a man.

All in the name of Allah, of course. Don't be duped by those who pretend this is just a small fringe. That's what America's enemies want you to think. They might be willing to sacrifice Afghanistan if that makes us think we're safe again. We are not safe and probably never will be again. What we should be is vigilant and let the assassins know that if they hit us, we will wipe out their families.