Anything Goes for Presidential Opponents

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Oct 01, 2003

Anything Goes for Presidential Opponents

The political season has begun in earnest. Opponents of the president are desperately searching for anything they think will bring them victory.

Never mind there isn't a leader or a new (or even a good) idea among them. They think they can beat the president by tearing him down.

So, we get this business about someone from the White House allegedly leaking the name of a CIA agent to columnist Robert Novak. Never mind that her name and job had been well known in Washington party and gossip circles for some time. Democrats are calling for a special investigator. Isn't that a laugh, after the stonewalling they put us through with the last president?

The president's political opponents will have to do better than this. But can they? Probably not. Will they? Certainly not.

They defended Bill Clinton's character through impeachment. They're going to have an impossible task questioning this president's character. But in politics, anything increasingly goes.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Anything Goes for Presidential Opponents