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American 'Hospitality' to Change

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, June 7, 2002

American 'Hospitality' to Change

The United States government is going to expand substantially its scrutiny of foreign visitors. It's about time. As Rep. Mark Foley has said, there is no constitutional right to visit America.

Foreigners will now be photographed and fingerprinted, especially if they are from Middle Eastern countries that sponsor or condone terrorism.

The usual left-wing suspects are up in arms about this, if you'll pardon the pun. Too bad. Their tolerance of everything is partially responsible for the problem we now face. A New York Times editorial says Americans wouldn't like it if governments fingerprinted and photographed us. They don't have to. We're not the terrorists.

Foreigners will now be tracked in this country and if they violate the provisions of our hospitality, they will be deported. Attorney General John Ashcroft says that on September 11, "The American definition of national security changed forever." He is right and the response is the correct one. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.