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America Needs to Regain Confidence in Its Beliefs and Values

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, September 18, 2001

America Needs to Regain Confidence in Its Beliefs and Values

Some of the people on television are not Americans. But they are telling us what to do in light of last Tuesday's terrorist attack. Muslims are telling us we should understand them. Some of them are Americans first. A few are not.

How many of these voices believe in American values? Some do. Some don't. How many of their native countries would allow Christians in, much less the freedom to practice and share their faith? Virtually none.

America has lost more than innocent lives. We have lost a sense of who we are. We had better get our country back while we can, and if that means expelling certain groups, closing offices that are fronts for terrorism, canceling student visas and refusing to let any more come from places like Libya and Syria, Iran and Iraq, then let's do it.

We used to be proud of this country and confident in our beliefs. Now we seem to have watered everything down and said no belief is to be preferred over any other. That has got to change, or we will be changed forever.