A War of Energy Independence

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jul 06, 2005

A War of Energy Independence

July 6, 2005

At the G-8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, anarchists have joined with global warming disciples and other lefties to pressure the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations to do their bidding.

Basically they want the haves to dilute their prosperity by giving it away to nations and people who lack the will and structures to produce their own prosperity.

As for global warming, the G-8 should begin a conversation about energy independence.

The West has the brain power to produce energy from sources other than petroleum.

This would get us out of the endless problems of the Middle East.

There is only one reason to pay attention to oil-producing nations like Saudi Arabia and that is they produce oil.

If we didn’t need their oil we wouldn’t have to put up with their terrorist threats.

We can do this if we have the will.

If we can get to the moon almost from scratch in a single decade, we can become energy independent in the same or shorter amount of time.

It is long past time for a war of energy independence and the G-8 leaders ought to show the way.

In Northern Ireland , I’m Cal Thomas.

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A War of Energy Independence