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A Tiny Step in Protection of Unborn

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Nov 07, 2002

A Tiny Step in Protection of Unborn

Great social movements take time. Advances are often made in increments.

One such increment is being taken by the Bush administration, which has revised the charter of an advisory board to the Department of Health and Human Services that is concerned with the safety of research volunteers.

The charter now directs the board to provide advice concerning “research involving human subjects” including “pregnant women, embryos and fetuses.”

While the action does not extend additional protections to the unborn child, it does show that the administration considers the unborn to have special rights.

Nothing can change without legislation and the anti-life environment in congress remains strong.   But they are mostly a reflection of the country, which worships the golden calf of materialism.

Be that as it may, kudos to the Bush administration for taking one small step for humankind, including unborn babies.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington

A Tiny Step in Protection of Unborn