A Prayer for Justice

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Prayer for Justice

August 1, 2007

Chief Justice John Roberts had a fall over the weekend. There is lots of speculation concerning the reason, but no one will know for sure until tests are completed. The most likely diagnosis appears to be a form of epilepsy, which is treatable with medication.

The headlines about it remind us of the importance of the position. Only the President of the United States can exert more influence over the nation’s direction. Not even Congress has the power of a Supreme Court Chief Justice.

The Bush administration has failed to live up to hopes and expectations in many areas, but in two – tax cuts and Supreme Court justices – it has been outstanding. The economy is rolling along and Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Sam Alito are two of the best minds on the court.

Pray for John Roberts and his beautiful family. I have met him and he is a gentleman and then some. He is also an essential leader of this Court and I hope he is around for many years to come.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.

A Prayer for Justice