A Ploy to Undermine Bush's Re-election

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Aug 10, 2004

A Ploy to Undermine Bush's Re-election

Liberal democratic Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has got her wish.

Johnson had called for the United Nations to monitor American elections this November. The U.N. refused.

Now Secretary of State Colin Powell has invited another international body -- the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe -- to monitor the election.

This is the first time such a team will be present for an American election.

This is an outrage. The United States of America is a sovereign nation and doesn't need to be told by people from other countries how to run our country.

How do we know these people will be honest and accurate? Most of Europe hates the U.S. and European leaders have made no secret they would prefer John Kerry to President Bush.

How do we know they won't engage in something like ballot box stuffing, questioning Bush voters in close races?

The United States signed a document ten years ago agreeing to allow member states to monitor each other's elections. And this is where it has led us.

This is a ploy by liberal democrats to do all they can to undermine the re-election of President Bush.

I'm Cal Thomas.

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A Ploy to Undermine Bush's Re-election