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A Nation's Stand December 31, 2001

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, December 31, 2001

A Nation's Stand December 31, 2001

If ever there was a year we ought to be glad to see go, it is 2001. September 11 will, and should, be remembered as not only a day of infamy, but also a day in which we re-discovered something about ourselves.


It turns out that while the previous administration weakened our intelligence and defense capabilities, our enemies were wrong to believe that our resolve was also weakened. The attack on America showed that a new generation could respond to threats against our safety and against our nation.

President Bush and his team have shown remarkable strength and commitment to eradicating Osama Bin Laden’s El Qaeda Network. The president says he intends to fight terrorism that threatens America, no matter where its capital might be. That’s good. We all hope he follows through.

For the United States to remain strong we should ignore the liberal voices who believe we can all get along and there is no evil in the world. We can’t all get along and there is evil in the world. While 2001 was a nightmare in one respect, it also showed us what we are made of and how we can re-make ourselves. Happy New Year! I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

A Nation's Stand December 31, 2001