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A Great Idea

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, August 19, 2002

A Great Idea

Here is a great idea. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is reported to be considering the use of American Special Operations Forces to capture or kill al Qaeda leaders outside Afghanistan, wherever they may be found.

The New York Times reports that proposals under consideration include going after al Qaeda members wherever they are, including countries where the leadership doesn't even know about the presence of our people. In other words, they can run, but they can't hide.

Why should these killers of our people think they can have safe haven if they can escape to another country? I say we should go get them wherever they are and take them out. That's what they do to us and if we do it to them there will be fewer of them to do it to us. Besides, if we don't announce what we are doing anmd these evil killers just disappear, who is going to know?

These people abide by no rules of warfare. The Secretary of Defense is thinking about fighting them in the only way we can attain victory. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.