A Bi-Polar Society

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, November 26, 2004

A Bi-Polar Society

November 26, 2004

We must be a bi-polar society.

No sooner are we told that "values voters" made the difference in the election, then a new USA Today/CNN/Gallup survey tells us most people believe the nation's moral values are in decline.

And, 60 percent of those surveyed have a more favorable view of President Bush, that's up from 51 percent just before the election.

There is no question that the nation is divided on moral issues, because it is divided on the source and definition of morality.

While substantial numbers take their faith seriously, a majority are either nominal Christians, for example, or nothing at all.

Many are functional atheists - they believe in God but don't think or live as if he matters.

This is among the reasons why government cannot solve moral problems.

Morals are matters of the heart, not the head.

They are spiritual, not political.

Something else from the survey:

48 percent believe religion has too much political influence.

40 percent say it has too little.

Go figure.

In New York, I'm Cal Thomas.

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A Bi-Polar Society