Bob DeMoss

Will Smith: Symbolism over Sustenance

Will Smith, as well as the big brand company executives at Coke, Home Depot, Delta, United and Apple, would do well to get their facts straight and then ponder the implications before launching their pompous virtue signaling. Smith believes his bold move will deprive "economic support" from Georgia. More likely, his ill-informed decision will hurt the 8,900 Black-owned Georgia-based businesses, which employ upwards of 83,800 people.

Lil Nas X Has a 'God-Shaped Hole' in His Sole

Nas may have perfected the art of creative outrage, but his narcissistic behavior has done nothing to prevent the numbness within his soul. Like you, me, and the two thieves on the crosses beside Jesus, Nas has an opportunity to rise above being Satan's boy toy. That's precisely why Jesus gave His life for us, which we celebrate at Easter.

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