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Bob DeMoss

Obama: Do As I Say – Not As I Do

Question: What breaking news story happened over the weekend that Fox News reported on, but ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC have ignored? Answer: Obama’s 60th birthday bash at his swanky home in Martha’s Vineyard with 300-400 partygoers. The event was attended by an all-star cast of rich and famous celebrities who partied, mostly maskless, under a crowded tent ... despite the dire warnings from the CDC that the Delta Variant “is more contagious” and “might cause more severe illness than previous strains” of the COVID-19 virus.

Prince Gets a Pass from Woke Police

Prince's estate is set to release a posthumous album, Welcome 2 America. The collection of 12 previously unreleased songs is scheduled to street July 30th and is already creating a buzz with fans. But others are questioning how Prince, with his often sexually degrading songs, is getting a pass amid the current climate of cancel culture.

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