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141 Pennsylvania Churches Leave the UMC

More than 100 congregations in Pennsylvania have officially left the United Methodist Church over the ongoing debate over sexual ethics in the mainline Protestant denomination.

Two Christians, 18 and 14, Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan

Babar Sandhu Masih was resting after lunch on Thursday afternoon (May 18) when he heard a commotion outside his house in the Qurban Lines neighborhood of Lahore, Pakistan.

400 Churches Burned, 70 Christians Killed amid Ongoing Violence in Manipur, India

A wave of violence in Manipur, India, continues to run rampant after 400 churches were burned and more than 70 Christians were killed.

Christians Wounded amid Military Fighting in Sudan

Among attacks on church buildings and mosques in Sudan after fighting broke out within the Sudanese military last month, a priest and other Christians were reportedly shot and injured in at least one assault with apparent anti-Christian motives.

7 Ways to Honor Vets This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is approaching. Are you looking for ways to do more this year to honor those who sacrificed to preserve and protect the freedoms we enjoy? Memorial Day is a day to honor and commemorate the ultimate sacrifice that so many brave men and women have made, so it is certainly a day to pay our respects to these individuals, even if that is in death. Memorial Day is also a day to honor the families of these veterans who are in our communities. There are so many ways to give back even just a little bit of what these veterans have sacrificed for us, and below we provide you with just a few ideas to get you started. We thank the Lord for our vets and their families and hope that they will feel honored, appreciated, and loved this Memorial Day.

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CSB Children's Bible Is Named 'Bible of the Year' at Evangelical Book Awards

The CSB Explorer Bible for Kids was awarded the accolade of ‘Bible of the Year’ at a Christian Book Awards event hosted by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (EPCA).

What the “Hell”?

Quick: who do you think believes in hell the most – Baby Boomers or Generation Z? I’ll give you a few additional bits of information to work with: the study was conducted in the U.K., and there, Gen Z more often than not identifies as atheist. Okay, got your answer? If you said, “Well, it’s obviously Baby Boomers,” you would be…

We Must Renew Our Commitment to Living Biblically in Our Post-Christian Culture

My call today is for us to renew our commitment to thinking and living biblically, whatever the consequences in our broken, post-Christian culture. To this end, let’s close with a reflection from Billy Graham: “Early in my life, I had some doubts about whether or not the Bible was really God’s word. But one night in 1949, I knelt before a stump in the woods of Forest Home, California, opened my Bible and said, ‘O God, there are many things in this book I do not understand. But by faith, I accept it—from Genesis to Revelation—as your word.’

Lauren Daigle Opens Up About Her Struggles with Stress, Anxiety: 'I Felt Like I Didn't Know Myself Anymore'

Christian singer Lauren Daigle talked with People magazine recently about how she struggled with stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, just as her popularity was climbing.

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