Worship Leader Sean Feucht Claims Publisher Canceled His Book over His Political Views

Kayla Koslosky | ChristianHeadlines.com Editor | Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Worship Leader Sean Feucht Claims Publisher Canceled His Book over His Political Views

Worship Leader Sean Feucht Claims Publisher Canceled His Book over His Political Views

Worship leader Sean Feucht took to social media this week claiming that his publisher, Harper Collins, canceled his book because of his political views.

In a tweet on Monday, Feucht wrote, "Just got a call from my book publisher 

@HarperCollins and they are canceling my book because of my political views. This is nuts!!!"

In a subsequent tweet, Feucht argued that "Harper Collins views your faith the same way they view the Cuomo brothers scandals, whose book deals they also recently terminated. …"

Feucht further explained the situation in an Instagram video, claiming that he had signed a book contract and had been working on his book with the publishing house for several months before they decided to cancel it. 

"[I've] been working on this book, [I] signed an agreement with, really the second-largest publisher in the world, HarperCollins. We've been working on it for three months together. [I] have an agreement, had it signed, pretty far into this process, and was just notified today. They're canceling it," Feucht said.

Feucht claims HarperCollins cancelled his book over his political views

In a statement provided to Christian Headlines, a HarperCollins Christian Publishing spokesperson asserted that the company "did not have a signed contract."

Vice President of Corporate Communications and External Partner Relations for HarperCollins Christian Publishing Casey Harrell also clarified with Christian Headlines that Feucht's book was not being considered by HarperCollins Publishers but by Thomas Nelson, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

Feucht, a worship leader at Bethel Church, ran for Congress as a Republican in 2020, but lost. After losing the election, Feucht launched his "Let Us Worship" tour that saw massive crowds of worshippers gathering at different venues across the U.S. in defiance of COVID-19 mandates that led to the closures of churches nationwide.

In the book, Feucht said, he reflects on the nationwide tour and discusses the importance of being bold and courageous in one's faith.

"Why is there so much resistance to this message," Feucht questioned in his Instagram video. "… The premise of the book is about boldness and courage, and I'm kind of sharing about our journey in the last couple of years, and how the Lord forged this thing in us through many different layers of resistance. So I just thought it was so ironic that, that they would cancel a book on boldness and courage because they didn't have the boldness and courage to publish it," Feucht said. "The irony is so rich here."

In a statement to The Christian Post, Feucht maintained that he had signed a deal with HarperCollins.

"The reality is that we had a signed Deal Memo with Harper Collins. The book had gone to auction, and there were six different offers. I accepted the offer from HarperCollins. The signed Deal Memo includes an agreement on terms such as the advance, royalties, discount rates, subsidiary rights, and book buybacks," he said. "Just within the last several days, we were working with them on the title, book cover and manuscript development."

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Worship Leader Sean Feucht Claims Publisher Canceled His Book over His Political Views