Women’s March Given 3 Times More Coverage Than March for Life

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Women’s March Given 3 Times More Coverage Than March for Life

Network news didn't spend enough time covering the March for Life, Katie Yoder, of Newsbusters, writes in a column.

Yoder says the news spent about 22 minutes on the annual march compared to the more than 1 hour of coverage on the Women's March on Washington.

Still, it was more time than the networks spent in 2016 on the march.

"Of the networks, ABC was the only one to report on the 2016 March for Life, and then in a casual reference to 'high schoolers trying to get back to Kentucky' after the blizzard that hit the Washington, D.C. march," she said. "For that same show, the morning of Jan. 22, co-anchor George Stephanopoulos commented on the expected 'tens of thousands' to 'protest abortion.' Those two mentions amounted to 35 seconds."

That means in 2017, the coverage amounted to 37 times more coverage.

This year's 44th March for Life featured Vice President Mike Pence and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway as speakers.

But Yoder said the networks still "had room for improvement" in their coverage."

"While describing the marchers, anchors and correspondents avoided the term 'pro-life' in favor of 'anti-abortion,'" she wrote.

Still, the coverage was better than it had been in recent years, and that was something that all pro-life supporters could thankful for.

"ABC, CBS and NBC still have some catching up to do, but the pro-life movement – if any – understands the importance of baby steps."


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Publication date: January 31, 2017