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Woman Rejects Abortion and Cancer Treatment to Protect Unborn Baby

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Woman Rejects Abortion and Cancer Treatment to Protect Unborn Baby

A British woman is opting out of cancer treatment and an abortion to try to save her unborn baby, despite risks that she may die.

Heidi Loughlin found out she had inflammatory breast cancer when she was three months pregnant. Doctors said they could abort the baby so she could start chemotherapy, according to

Loughlin and her longtime boyfriend, Keith Smith, have two other boys: Tait, 1, and Noah, 2.

"Keith was worried about our boys being left without their mum," said Loughlin in a Daily Mail UK report. "He worried about me, and about possibly being left with a disabled child too if I didn't make it."

"But it wasn't hard for me to make the decision," she said. "I wanted to keep the baby and start treatment, and he did too."

For now, Loughlin is taking a hormone drug and undergoing mild chemotherapy to battle the cancer.

Loughlin is set to deliver about 10 weeks early around December. She can then start aggressive cancer treatment. A mastectomy is planned for next April.

She is also blogging about her journey.

"Everyone knows about breast cancer," she said, "but I feel that women need to be made aware there are other things to check for than just lumps."

Inflammatory breast cancer has about a five-year survival rate.

"There aren't many survivors of inflammatory breast cancer, but I feel like I'm going to make a miraculous recovery," she said. "I have age on my side and lots of support. It will be hard but I'll do it. It's not an option to not be here for my kids."

Publication date: November 10, 2015