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Woman in Labor is Rescued When People in Houston Form Human Chain

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Aug 31, 2017

Woman in Labor is Rescued When People in Houston Form Human Chain

Many amazing stories of bravery and heroism have been emerging in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. One such story is of a pregnant woman in labor who was rescued by people who formed a human chain.

Greg and Andrea Smith had just moved to Houston last month, according to Andrea was nine months pregnant when Hurricane Harvey hit. The couple had planned to drive to the hospital on Sunday, but when they woke up Sunday morning, floodwaters had risen significantly and they realized they were stuck in their home.

The Smiths called 911 as well as the Coast Guard, but got no response. They began doing the only thing it seemed they could do: prepare for a home birth. Both Greg and Andrea are doctors, but they did not have experience in delivering babies. Neighbors who heard about their situation began stopping by and offering help and supplies.

The Smiths remained remarkably calm and trusted God through the harrowing event. “I knew I would have to do this myself,” Greg told PEOPLE. “I had some courage, though. Even if I had to do a home birth, I felt like it was going to be okay.”

The Smiths’ had already been through the heartbreak of two miscarriages, so they knew that God could perform miracles.

And he did.

A neighbor walked to the local fire station and brought back help. A large dump truck was able to get to the Smiths apartment and firefighters and neighbors formed a human chain to get Andrea and Greg safely into the truck so that it could take them to the hospital.

It turns out, it is a miracle that little Adrielle was born at the hospital and not at home since she had some complications after birth.

“If she were born at home, that wouldn’t have been the best place for her. I’m so glad she is in the hospital,” Greg said. “Everything about this pregnancy we said is God’s will. That’s why her name is Adrielle. It means, ‘She belongs to God.'”


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Publication date: August 31, 2017

Woman in Labor is Rescued When People in Houston Form Human Chain