Violent Nashville Tornadoes Leave at Least 22 Dead, 40 Buildings Collapsed

Kayla Koslosky | Editor | Published: Mar 03, 2020
 Violent Nashville Tornadoes Leave at Least 22 Dead, 40 Buildings Collapsed

 Violent Nashville Tornadoes Leave at Least 22 Dead, 40 Buildings Collapsed

A violent storm spawned one or more tornadoes, wreaking havoc on parts of Tennessee, including Nashville, and claiming the lives of at least 22 people late Monday night into Tuesday morning.

According to USA Today, a severe storm system made its way through middle Tennessee Monday into Tuesday and overnight, a tornado touched down in Nashville.

CNN reports that the twister(s) collapsed more than 40 structures and sent at least 150 in the metro Nashville area to the hospital. Additionally, tens of thousands of people are without power.

In a news conference Tuesday morning, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee lamented the loss of lives as a result of the storm. “It is heartbreaking. We have had loss of life all across the state. Four different counties have, as of this morning, had confirmed fatalities,” Lee said.

Twenty-two fatalities have been confirmed in Davidson County, which houses Nashville, Putnam County, Benton County and Wilson County. 

Lee confirmed that a number of people from the four counties are missing and dozens have been transported to hospitals for storm-related injuries.

“I encourage all of you to pray for the families across our state that are facing tragedy right now and that are dealing with heartache and hardship in ways that only they know. So, our hearts go out to them and our prayers go out to them,” Lee encouraged.

According to USA Today, search and rescue teams have been deployed across the state and the efforts are expected to pick up as the day goes on. Shelters have also been made available across the state for displaced persons. 

In the news conference, Lee also noted that he had reached out to the White House to ask for federal assistance.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to note that the Federal Government is standing with Tennessee. He wrote, “Prayers for all of those affected by the devastating tornadoes in Tennessee. We will continue to monitor the developments. The Federal Government is with you all of the way during this difficult time.”

Evangelist Franklin Graham also implored the American people to pray for Tennessee writing on Twitter, “Pray for residents of Nashville and Middle Tennessee who were in the path of powerful tornadoes that struck early this morning leaving several people dead and significant damage. Pray especially for those who have lost loved ones.”

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 Violent Nashville Tornadoes Leave at Least 22 Dead, 40 Buildings Collapsed