UN Reports ISIS Has Captured 3,000 Iraqi Villagers and Executed 12

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, August 5, 2016

UN Reports ISIS Has Captured 3,000 Iraqi Villagers and Executed 12

ISIS has reportedly captured up to 3,000 people fleeing from their takeover of Iraqi villages. Twelve of those captured have been executed, according to a UN report.

ChristianToday.com reports that the UN has been requesting funding to push back against ISIS attacks, but has not received any financial aid.

The 3,000 villagers who were recently captured were reportedly fleeing Kirkuk and the surrounding area. They were captured by 100 to 120 ISIS militants.

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, reported: "UNHCR has received reports that ISIL captured on 4 August up to 3,000 IDPs (internally displaced people) from villages in Hawiga District in Kirkuk Governorate trying to flee to Kirkuk city. Reportedly, 12 of the IDPs have been killed in captivity.”

UNHCR is attempting to build a place of refuge for the thousands of people displaced by ISIS’ violence. They have begun work on a site north-east of Mosul which will hold 6,000 people. The agency is also building a second place of refuge north-west of the city which will hold 15,000 people.

Thousands of residents have been forced to flee cities like Kirkuk, as well as Mosul and Fallujah due to the conflict. Iraqi forces have recaptured Fallujah, but much of the city remains in ruins and most residents have not yet been able to return.

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Publication date: August 5, 2016