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UK: Relaxed Rules Pave Way for More Christian Schools to Open

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, September 9, 2016

UK: Relaxed Rules Pave Way for More Christian Schools to Open

More Christians schools may be opening in the UK after rules restricting faith schools were relaxed.

According to, the UK government had attempted to restrict the students faith schools could admit, based on religion. The goal was to create more diverse schools, but this was not completely successful.

"It has failed to make minority faith schools more diverse, because parents of other religions and none do not send their children to those schools,” said a Downing St. source. “But it has prevented new Catholic schools from opening, which are more successful, more popular and more ethnically diverse than other types of state school."

“We're going to change the rule, so we can allow new Catholic schools to open, while making faith schools of all kinds do more to make sure their pupils integrate with children of other backgrounds,” the source added.

The relaxation of such rules has paved the way for more Christian schools to open to meet demand.
A spokeswoman for the Catholic Education Service said the organization welcomes the move.

"This will enable the Catholic Church to meet the current parental demand for thousands of new Catholic school places across the country," she said.

Although many parents applauded the move, many humanist and atheist groups are sure to protest it.


Publication date: September 9, 2016