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UK Hospitals Burn Aborted, Miscarried Babies for Green Fuel

Kelly Givens | Contributing Editor to | Tuesday, March 25, 2014

UK Hospitals Burn Aborted, Miscarried Babies for Green Fuel

Hospitals in the United Kingdom are getting attention for their practice of burning the bodies of hundreds of aborted and miscarried babies, World Magazine reports. Though the UK Department of Health declared an immediate ban on fetal incineration Sunday, the practice has purportedly been going on for several years, across at least a dozen medical facilities and hospitals.

Ten medical facilities operated under the National Health Service as well as two hospitals admitted to burning fetal remains along with trash. Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge incinerated 797 babies under 13 weeks of gestation at its waste-to-energy plant after telling mothers the bodies had been “cremated.”

This is not the first time Addenbrooke’s cremation practices have provoked criticism. In 2006, local news outlets revealed the hospital was saving money by cremating babies in the same incinerator used for trash.

The Addenbrooke’s incinerator is part of the hospital’s “Think Green” program to reduce waste and cut carbon emissions. The ash from the incinerator was scheduled to be used as a concrete additive beginning in July 2013. According to the World Magazine report, the disposal of aborted fetuses is a “secretive practice in the United States as well. Medical waste companies often collect and dispose of the babies’ remains. In other cases, abortion center staffers may bag and dump the bodies into waste bins—or FedEx them overnight to processing centers where the tissue is sold or given to researchers.”

Publication Date: March 25, 2014.

UK Hospitals Burn Aborted, Miscarried Babies for Green Fuel