U.S. Congressman: God Has a Plan for the Federal Reserve

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, November 5, 2015

U.S. Congressman: God Has a Plan for the Federal Reserve

One U.S. Congressman believes God has a specific plan for the federal reserve which he shared with a congressional committee yesterday.

Christian Today reports that Congressman Brad Sherman (Democrat, California) believes God has spoken regarding the U.S. Federal Reserve’s consideration of raising interest rates.

"God's plan is not for things to rise in the autumn. As a matter of fact, that's why we call it fall. Nor is it God's plan for things to rise in winter, through the snow. God's plan is that things rise in the spring. So if you want to be good with the almighty, you might want to delay until May,” Sherman stated in what Christian Today’s Mark Woods has called “the weirdest contribution to policy-making of any politician ever.”

It is unclear whether Sherman was using his talk of God and the seasons as an illustration or whether he really believes that interest rate rises should be structured around the seasons.

Woods thinks Sherman’s illustration shows lack of true thought, and that we are called to use the brains God gave us. 

In a tongue-in-cheek parody of Sherman’s words, Woods offers other policy decisions based on the seasons and nature.

“Millions of birds migrate in the winter. Every winter, governments around the world should let millions of migrants in. After all, they’ll be gone in the spring,” Woods quips.

Another one of Woods’s parody statements says, “The lilies of the field don’t toil or spin, but they do pretty well. So God’s plan is that we should all stop working and see what happens.”

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: November 5, 2015