Two Weeks after Typhoon, Thousands Struggle for Survival

Kristin Wright | Open Doors USA | Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Weeks after Typhoon, Thousands Struggle for Survival

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, individuals on the ground are struggling to survive.

The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) is one of many Christian organizations bringing hope and aid to those struggling in the wake of the disaster.

“For several days, they were just surviving," EFCA ReachGlobal director Mark Lewis shares of people in one area where EFCA is at work. “People were just crying; they didn't have food for three days, and they lived off of the coconuts that had fallen as a result of the storm.”

Many victims of the storm are suffering from severe trauma as a result of their experiences. Pastor Sam, at work in the Philippines, explains that survivors are struggling with the horror of their experiences.

“There is a lot of trauma,” Pastor Sam related to Lewis, “especially among kids. Many people survived near-death experiences. People didn't understand storm surges. We had never experienced this before.”

Beyond the trauma, the day to day adjustments of life post-storm have many survivors worried about the future.

“All of the trees, the entire economic engine in that region, palm trees for miles and miles: it's just all been devastated,” Lewis says of Guiuan.

EFCA will continue its work among those who are suffering as a result of the storm.

“We need to pray for the local church in this devastated area to… have the capability to bring ministry and hope to many hurting people who are lost,” adds Lewis.

Two Weeks after Typhoon, Thousands Struggle for Survival