Trump to Pastors: ‘This Election May be the Only Way I’m Getting into Heaven’

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump to Pastors: ‘This Election May be the Only Way I’m Getting into Heaven’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has concentrated a good deal of effort in winning over evangelicals, but despite his assertions that he is a Christian, he often says things that are contrary to Christian beliefs. reports that recently, Trump spoke to a group of evangelical pastors and told them that what he does if he is elected as president may be what gets him into heaven.

“This will be maybe the most important election that our country has ever had," Trump told the pastors. "So go out and spread the word, and once I get in, I will do my thing that I do very well. And I figure it's probably maybe the only way I'm going to get to heaven. So I better do a good job. OK?"

A number of Trump’s high-profile supporters--including Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. and megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress--would likely disagree with Trump’s theology in this statement that works can earn someone a place in heaven.

Trump has made other religious gaffes in the past, such as stating that he has never asked for forgiveness, although he later amended this and said, "I will be asking for forgiveness, but hopefully I won't have to be asking for much forgiveness."

In his meeting with the pastors, Trump also praised their spiritual role:

"As I'm driving over here, and I said, 'In a way, you're home builders too. But you're home builders with the spirit. You're spiritual home builders, which is actually more important when you think about it.'"


Publication date: August 16, 2016