'Tips for Jesus' Bring Benevolence to Manhattan

Kelly Givens | Contributing Editor to Crosswalk.com | Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'Tips for Jesus' Bring Benevolence to Manhattan

The “Tips for Jesus” patron has brought his benevolence to Manhattan after giving away thousands of dollars across the country in a mass tipping spree, the New York Post reports.

The generous giver—who many believe to be former PayPal Vice President Jack Selby—gave over $11,000 in tips this past weekend in New York City. Veiled under the pseudonym “Tips for Jesus,” the big tipper wrote “God bless!” across the bottom of several receipts, with @tipsforjesus ink stamped as well—the name of the anonymous Instagram account hosting photos of happy servers and their generous gifts. The account’s tagline? “Doing the Lord’s work, on tip at a time.”

According to Christianity Today’s Gleanings, the estimated total amount of tips has been more than $54,000.

All of this benevolent tipping in Jesus’ name stems from several reported cases of poor tipping from Christians. A February Hermeneutics article recalls the story of a pastor who left a rude note for her waitress—“I give God 10 percent why do you get 18?” Gleanings notes a previous study suggesting Jews and non-religious people tip more and more often than Christians.

But “Tips for Jesus” is trying to change the country’s perception of Christians. When a manager at one of the Manhattan restaurants questioned the tipper, asking him, “Why tip so much?’ He replied, “Just because… We tip a hundred times the bill.”