Theologian Charles Ryrie Dies at Age 90

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Feb 17, 2016

Theologian Charles Ryrie Dies at Age 90

Theologian Charles C. Ryrie died Tuesday (Feb. 16) at the age of 90. Ryrie was best known for his contribution of the Ryrie Study Bible, which contained 10,000 of his explanatory footnotes. 

Ryrie was an acclaimed Christian educator and served as a professor of Systematic Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) before being named dean of doctoral studies. He retired in 1983. 

A tribute of Ryrie’s life in DTS Magazine says the theologian was passionate about helping the average person understand the Bible. 

Ryrie previously said, “When I was working on the study Bible, I thought of people in home Bible classes, and I would sometimes ask, ‘Would they want a note on this verse or an explanation of this doctrine? Simply?’ These people were my make-believe audience. Actually, they weren’t make-believe, they were real people.”

DTS president Mark Bailey said, “Dr. Ryrie was a master at biblical and theological synthesis. He had the unusually rare gift of being able to state complex theological ideas in succinct statements. All of us are indebted to his efforts to articulate and defend dispensational premillennialism.”

Boyce College professor and blogger Denny Burk said he only knew Ryrie outside of the classroom. "I am grateful to have known him for the short time that I did. He was gracious, kind, and generous to spend time talking to a wet-behind-the-ears theology student all those years ago. I hope I can have that same legacy with my students."

Ryrie is survived by three children and three grandchildren. 

Publication date: February 17, 2016

Theologian Charles Ryrie Dies at Age 90