The Top Seven Most Christian-friendly Companies Revealed

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Nov 03, 2015

The Top Seven Most Christian-friendly Companies Revealed

Faith Driven Consumer recently revealed the top seven companies that are most in-tune with Christians and most effectively marketing to them.

The Blaze reports that Faith Driven Consumer has released the Faith Equality Index which ranks more than 300 major brands in terms of their commitment to the Christian demographic.

The top seven companies on that list are: Chic-fil-a, Hobby Lobby, Interstate Batteries, Tyson Foods, Cracker Barrel, Walmart, and Thrivent Financial.

The Faith Equality Index measures companies on a scale of zero to 100. Even the highest scoring company--Chic-fil-a--only scored a 63, however.

Hobby Lobby scored a 62, Interstate Batteries 61, Tyson Foods 60, Cracker Barrel 53, Walmart 51, and Thrivent Financial 50.

Brand strategist and founder of Faith Driven Consumer, Chris Stone, says that the reason for the low scores, even among well-known pro-Christian companies like Chic-fil-a and Hobby Lobby is due to the fact that they are not putting in a lot of effort to specifically market to Christian consumers.

“Some companies have a culture that is naturally compatible with Faith Driven Consumers; however, few if any of the companies in the survey are overtly engaging Faith Driven Consumers with any level of parity to their other communities,” Stone told The Blaze. “They have not prioritized Faith Driven Consumers. The scores from the other rating validate that clearly.”

Stone added that in order to more effectively reach the faith-driven demographic, companies will need to “look at their engagement gaps and proactively fill them.”

Publication date: November 3, 2015

The Top Seven Most Christian-friendly Companies Revealed