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The Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Gay Marriage in Utah

Ryan Duncan | Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Gay Marriage in Utah

On December 20th, a federal judge overturned Utah’s ban on gay marriage, citing that it violated the couple’s constitutional rights. In the weeks that followed, Utah experienced a record-shattering number of weddings between gay and lesbian couples. It is estimated more than 900 marriage licenses were issued as of December 26th. In response, the state of Utah has filed an emergency appeal with the Supreme Court. According to CNS News,

“The U.S. Supreme Court has granted Utah's request to temporarily block same-sex marriages…and the high court ruled that gay marriages cannot take place during the appeals process. The Supreme Court's ruling will remain in effect until it decides whether to uphold the federal judge's decision. The court's order will not affect same-sex marriages already performed.”

Both sides continue to wait as the Supreme Court debates the issue.

*Published 1/7/2013