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Texas Seminary Hosts Pokémon Go Outreach Event

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, August 1, 2016

Texas Seminary Hosts Pokémon Go Outreach Event

A seminary in Fort Worth, Texas decided to use the Pokémon Go craze to host an evangelism outreach event.

The Christian Examiner reports that Southwestern Seminary contains three “gyms” and nearly three dozen “Pokéstops,” so it is a popular place for Pokémon Go players.

Students and faculty at the Seminary recognized the unique opportunity for evangelism that the game offered, so they hosted an outreach event, welcoming Pokémon Go players to the campus on July 19. 

During the event, which drew about 200 people, a number of people reportedly gave their lives to Christ.

Master of Divinity student Joshua Clayton, an event organizer, commented: “Unlike any other time that we have done outreach in either the community or any type of mission trip, this was the rare opportunity where we didn’t have to go find people, but they were coming to us.”

“So we just simply offered the opportunity to seize the moment and strategically utilize the game for evangelism,” Clayton continued.

Housing coordinator Jonathan Baldwin shared how he personally led a couple of high schoolers to Christ:

“The conversation started about the game, then transitioned into school and future college plans. I took this time to share how God had saved me during my senior year of college, and I boasted in the Lord at how amazing this new life with Him is.”

After the two high schoolers professed faith in Christ, Baldwin commented: “It is always exciting to see God save people and always refreshing to retell His story.”

Publication date: August 1, 2016

Texas Seminary Hosts Pokémon Go Outreach Event