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Televangelist Juanita Bynum Defends Charging $1,500 for Prayer Course

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Published: Sep 21, 2022
Televangelist Juanita Bynum Defends Charging $1,500 for Prayer Course

Televangelist Juanita Bynum Defends Charging $1,500 for Prayer Course

Televangelist and self-proclaimed prophetess Juanita Bynum says her $1,500 prayer course is worth the cost because of its "results."

According to The Christian Post, Bynum has faced criticism recently for the price of her four-week intensive prayer course. She says the criticism is an "insult."

"I'm not going to insult myself to even discuss the price. It's an insult to who I am after being in ministry for over 50 years and for, I know, at least 35+ years, have done nothing but been a pioneer in the things of prayer and helping people to understand prayer and letting them watch me doing [it] so that they can know that there is different dimensions and different levels to prayer," the 63-year-old Bynum said in a Facebook Live Broadcast addressing the controversy last Thursday.

"And how do I know that there are different levels and different dimensions? Well, it's simple. It's called results. When you get the results, you know the person absolutely knows what they are doing. And that's what I want to do," Bynum said.

The course is priced at $1,499.99, which is a discount from the regular $1,999.99 price.

Bynum's course starts Oct. 6 in Atlanta and will be limited to 150 people. According to the course description, course registrants will receive a tote bag, a binder, a prayer shawl and sacred anointing oil.

Last week, Chicago-based preacher Marcus Rogers criticized the price of the course on his Facebook page, calling the cost "outrageous."

"As you guys know, I never charge to travel and preach, and I never charge for classes. I feel like God freely gave it, so I freely give it to help His people. I know there were a few pastors who don't like that I do that because I teach everything they charge for free. So I want to hear y'all hearts on this. I just think this is outrageous," Rogers wrote.

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Televangelist Juanita Bynum Defends Charging $1,500 for Prayer Course