Syria’s Peace Talks Falter

Ryan Duncan | Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Syria’s Peace Talks Falter

Despite a face-to-face meeting between the warring parties in Geneva, Syrian peace talks have been slow and largely ineffective. The two sides continue to feud while the escalating violence has displaced many and left hundreds dead. Most refugees have fled to neighboring countries to escape the fighting, only to find themselves faced with another set of challenges. Lack of food, water, and basic hygiene have become daily problems for the displaced families. World relief organizations are doing what they can to help refugees in this time of crisis, but they are largely overwhelmed by the number of people in need. Ruth Kramer of Mission Network News states,

“With the new wave of refugees fleeing Syria, it’s clear that there are not enough resources to meet needs. “The governments in the area [are] trying their best. They’re overwhelmed in the various countries that are receiving. There are also all kinds of tensions going on,” Palmer explains, adding that’s where their team comes in. ‘We’re in most of those areas, finding places where people have fallen through the cracks, helping them with food, helping them with the basics of hygiene kits and some shelter needs.’”

“About 50% of the people receiving food parcels and hygiene kits will be new to the distribution. These families are experiencing many problems: lack of security, poverty, inflationary prices, overcrowding and lack of proper housing, insanitary conditions, chronic diseases, and children missing out on school.”

As of this moment the fighting is ongoing.

*Published 2/12/2014